Well folks, the travel bug has struck this house once again. But, this time it will be a little different from the way “normal” folks travel.

Since we were planning to move from our current location before October of this year, we have decided to completely move out of our house, put our important processions in storage, sell what is replaceable and buy a…. wait for it…. TENT!

This tent to be exact!

That’s right, I said tent. Our ultimate goal is to have a camper that we can eventually live in year round but we are having a really hard time finding one near us so we figure we will start with a tent and if we find a camper along the way, we will buy it then.

Anyway, we are planning to be on the road for six-eight weeks with a list of things we want to accomplish and do. Also while on this trip I will be doing genealogy research so that I can write about a few more ancestors.

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