Victim or Villain?

“I killed them because I didn’t want them to grow up to abuse women”. I killed them because they received more attention than my daughter”. I killed them to…

No matter what confession you believe to be the truth, Brittany Renee Pilkington, 23, a pregnant mother of three, stands accused of murdering her three young sons over the span of 13 months.


The first murder, Niall aged three months, occurred on July 22, 2014. His death was ruled “Undetermined” based on lack of evidence and there were no obvious signs of a cause of death, even though medical examiner and detectives had their suspicions.

The second murder, Gavin aged four years, occurred on April 6, 2015. His death was ruled an accidental suffocation but once again there was suspicion. Shortly after his death his younger brother Noel was born and he and his younger sister, Hailey, described as her best friend, aged three, were removed and placed into state custody for “their protection”. For three months they remained in state care while detectives and Children’s Services investigated the deaths and the safety of the Pilkington home.


August 9-12, 2015 the Logan County Court holds a three day hearing to determine the parental fitness of both Brittany and her husband Joseph and the projected safety of the children if returned to their care. Both the prosecutor’s office and the Logan County Department of Job and Family Services remained adamant that the children should not be returned to their parents.

Logan County Family Court Judge Dan Bratka found that the evidence was insufficient to keep the children out of their parents care and the children were returned. Six days later Brittany placed a call to 911 to report that her now three month son Noah was not breathing. He was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. Later that same day, Brittany confessed to smothering all three of her sons with their security blankets and leaving them for their father to find them when he returned home from work in the early morning hours.

Brittany Cummins Pilkington was born to Eddie and Lori (Skaggs) Cummins in Bellefontaine, Ohio on January 27, 1992. Her parents divorced when she was just four years old. When Brittany was just eight years old her mother began a relationship with Joseph Pilkington that lasted for nine years. During that time he identified himself as her father, even taking her to doctor appointments and paying all of her expenses.

Joseph Pilkington

On March 30, 2010 a heavily pregnant seventeen year old Brittany married Joseph Pilkington. Prior to their marriage and while Joseph was officially living life as her step-father there were allegations of sexual abuse. However during the investigation by Logan County Children’s Services all parties, Lori, Joseph and Brittany, refused to cooperate with investigators so the case stalled. Once she married Joseph it was closed. Following the death of the three children Joseph was charged and arrested on one count of sexual battery stemming from his sexual interaction with Brittany and subsequent pregnancy in 2009.

In July 2016 he plead guilty to sexual imposition and must register as a sex offender for 15 years.

The date to start Brittany Pilkington’s aggravated murder trial is still in limbo as they are arguing multiple motions.


5 thoughts on “Victim or Villain?

  1. if she has not had a trial yet how can you say she “murdered” her children? She has yet to be found guilty in a court of law.


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